Wisdom of Daniel – age 4

How do rugs move by themselves?

This is a science experiment that I did when I was four, but I didn’t have a blog then so it went on my mum’s blog and we only just thought of moving it here to my blog.

We have a rug in the bedroom that seems to walk across the floor while we are not looking.  We know it does this, and now we are fairly sure we know how.

So, here’s the experiment, which  I mostly thought of all by myself:

My mum has two 5kg weights and we put them at one end of the rug to weight it down, and we used stickers on the carpet to mark the rug’s starting position.  We marked the new position of the rug first thing in the morning every day, to see whether the rug still walks in a straight line, or whether the weights stop one end from moving so that it starts to move in a circle, with the weighted end staying still.

What happened was that the first day the rug moved around a bit of a circle, with the weight end staying still, and the next day it moved again, but a bit less, and then the third day, less still.  What we think is that it’s the direction of the carpet pile (the way the carpet is hairy) that makes it move, so it can’t go round in a whole circle, it really wants to go straight but it can’t because of the weights.  We think when you tread on the rug it squashes the pile of the carpet and then when the pile goes up again it has moved the rug just a tiny bit. So if you didn’t walk on the rug it wouldn’t move.

This was a very cool experiment!


Daniel:  Mummy, can we pray to God about my eczema?
Mummy: Of course we can. What do you want to say to God?
Daniel: I want to say, Please God, can you take away my Eczema?
Mummy: We can definitely pray that.
Daniel: And then, if God doesn’t take it way, I’m going to pray for it to be less itchy.
Mummy: That’s a good idea.
Daniel: And if it can’t be less itchy, I can pray that God will help me not to scratch it.
Mummy: That’s a really good prayer, Daniel.
Daniel: And then is it OK to say to God that we’re really not joking?  ‘Cause we’re not, are we?


Here’s a strawberry. I picked it and thought of you, so it’s got my love in it.  Eat it, Mummy. Can you taste the love?


Mummy: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Daniel: I want to be King of Mars.


Daniel: You know, Mummy, God can hear everything I’m saying.
Mummy: Um, yes he can.
Daniel:But when God talks to me he doesn’t use a mouth, he puts thoughts straight into my brain.
Mummy: Yes, that can happen.
Daniel: But how do I know if they’re God’s thoughts or my thoughts?
Mummy: Wow, Daniel, that’s a big question!
Daniel:  Shall I ask Daddy then?


Mummy, you can’t just find smiles. You have to make them out of your own happiness.


Daniel: Mummy, did you know God is invisible? That means we can’t see him.
Mummy: That’s right.
Daniel: And did you also know that when we become invisible we’ll be able to see God then?


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