The Percy Jackson Series’ by Rick Riordan

You can find a list of all the books in these series’ here, on the author’s website  along with a blurb that tells you more about them. My review is about all the books together, because there are literally so many of them it would take pages and pages to review them all separately.

Percy Jackson thinks he is a normal boy, but it turns out that he is a demigod – the son of an ancient Greek god and a mortal woman.  He goes to a special camp for demigods, and quickly gets involved in all sorts of adventures with his new demigod friends(!) That sounds really lame, but the books are actually really good.

What’s good about these books?  Well, there is some ‘love interest’ but it’s not all slushy, and the main aspect of the books is action and adventure. The plots are interesting, and told with enough detail but still at a fast pace. You can read the books quickly, which is good for a series – you get to the end of one book and you want to start the next one.

There are strong female characters as well, so the books will be good for both boys and girls to read. The overall idea for the books is really original, but at the same time it draws on really old traditions, so you get the best of both worlds.

There are some aspects of the plot that happen again and again (eg Percy gets knocked out and they won’t tell him the bad things that have happened when be wakes up) but overall there are loads of really good ideas and plot twists. One of the most fun things is when the author describes demigod versions of normal things (eg capture the flag but with magical powers!)

I would recommend these books especially for people who have enjoyed reading Greek myths and know the basic stories. I read them all when I was 8, and really enjoyed them – most people might be a bit older when they read them and I can see teenagers quite enjoying them too.  The ideas aren’t that complicated, and the writing style is deceptively simple, but they’re great adventures. And if you liked the first one, you’ll like them all!

Headline: “One chapter and you’ll be hooked”.