The Mortality Doctrine (series) by James Dashner

You can read all about these books on the author’s website: (make sure you click on the Mortality Doctrine tab).

There are three books in this series:
– The Eye of Minds
– The Rule of Thoughts
– The Game of Lives

Set in the future, the main character (Michael) used to be ‘tangent’ (a computer generated consciousness) in the ‘virtnet’, who has been uploaded into a flesh and blood body of a boy.  He finds himself thrust back into the virtnet to battle Kane, and soon has to start questioning which side is good and which side is bad…

These books are really great: the concept is really original, the story keeps you turning the pages (there are cliffhangers galore) and it’s well written, too – this means that you forget you are reading and simply get lost in the story and the characters (this is a bit ironic, given that it’s about being stuck in a virtual reality!)

This book would appeal primarily to teenagers, especially if you like gaming, and the idea of virtual reality. I read it when I was 8, but most people would enjoy it when they’re a bit older.