The Maze Runner (series) by James Dashner

You can read about these books here, on the author’s website.

There are
– The Maze Runner
– The Scorch Trials
– The Death Cure
– The Kill Order
– A fifth book, The Fever Code, is out soon….!

The main character (Thomas) wakes up, with no memory of his previous life, in a strange community of boys his own age, trapped by huge stone walls and a seemingly inescapable labyrinth patrolled by terrifying vicious beasts. But why? Are they being taunted? Experimented on?   Thomas must work out his place in the group, and ultimately find a way to save himself and his new friends….

The pace of these books is amazing. The story is really gripping, so it seems to move quite quickly, but the author doesn’t give away the answers too quickly. The reader discovers what is going on as the characters do, so it’s stays a mystery for a long time…
This is one of the most original series’ of books that I’ve ever read.  It’s not for the squeamish, but if you like your adventures to be genuinely dangerous, then you have to read these books.