The ‘Itch’ Trilogy, by Simon Mayo

Itch, Simon  Mayo

In the beginning it started slowly but I really like that, because you know it’s going to get to the good bits, that make you want to read more and more. Near the end I couldn’t stop reading, I just had to read the next bit and the next bit! There were lots of really good cliffhangers. There are lots of different places, people and situations, which made it really exciting. Part of the reason I really like this book is because it’s about the elements, and I already love science, but this book made me want to start my own element collection (I have over 40 elements so far). This book would be really good for anyone who likes science and spies, and adventures. I read this when I was 7, but I like books that are for older children so maybe most people would like this book when they are about ten. My grandad liked it too, though, and he is a lot older than ten. You have to buy this book, It’s awesome.