Maths with food

Mummy and I invented Maths with Sweeties while we were waiting for Joanna at gym.  There are three worksheets to download so that you can find all about how to do interesting maths using sweeties:

I can do maths with sweeties is the first worksheet. It is about learning how to count in 5s and 10s using an ice cube tray and a packet of ‘millions’.

I can do more maths with sweeties is the second worksheet. It is all about prime numbers, which are very very interesting.

I can do so much more maths with sweeties is the third and final worksheet, and is how to do maths with a whole packet of skittles. It can make a packet last ages.

Here is a picture of a vegetable that is so clever that it can do maths.
Actually, it is maths:


The whole vegetable is in the shape of a mountain, with smaller mountains in a spiral all the way round it. But each of the smaller mountains also is covered in even small mountains, and each of those has really tiny mountains on it… This kind of maths is called fractals.
The other maths about this vegetable is to do with the fibonacci sequence of numbers, and the golden ratio, which you can read about here.  The fibonacci sequence happens a lot in nature (not just vegetables) and is one of the ways that spirals can work.
This maths vegetable came from the farmers’ market in Huntingdon.


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