Question of the day: non-Newtonian armour?

When you mix cornflour with water, it acts like a liquid until you hit it – then it turns into a solid, just for a moment. So solid, that if you fill a bath with it you can jump up and down on it and not sink, but as soon as you stop jumping it turns back into liquid and you sink.

So, my question is, could you use this as a way of creating body armour that would allow you move around but go super-hard when something hit it?  Could chemical engineering come up with a way of making a fabric that consisted of loads of tiny pockets of non-newtonian goo that could allow easy movement but would still stop a bullet?

Does this already exist? Would it work as body armour, or would it have to be a bullet proof blanket?

Tell me what you think in a comment!

Question of the day: brains

My brain is really squishy but it’s how I do my thinking.
So, how does my squishy brain actually do the thinking?  I get how a computer can process things but how does my brain do it?  And especially how does my brain enable me to contemplate the fact that I can even contemplate this?

Supplementary question: does my brain work in binary?

Another supplementary question: why is this question so mind-weirding that I almost don’t want to know the answer to it?

Question of the day: disability on TV

Here is my question of the day.

CBBC and CITV are pretty good at having presenters who have disabilities (and not just for programmes that are actually about disability or specifically for disabled people).  This is great.

I also saw lots of disabled presenters on TV when the paralympics was on.

But here’s the thing: why aren’t there more disabled TV presenters on regular TV?  Why aren’t there lots of newsreaders or weather forecasters with disabilities? Why don’t we see more people with disabilities presenting documentaries (about things other than disability!).

So, that’s my question of the day. Please leave your answers in a comment. Thank you!


OK, so this is what I’ve been thinking about all morning.

Hypothetically, let’s say that there is absolute good, and absolute evil.

If everyone in the world except one person does  evil, and just one person does good, the good is still there. But if that one good person dies, and everyone who is left is still evil, would the evil become redefined as good?  Or would there still be the idea of good, even with nobody actually doing it?

So, this is my question today. Please leave me a comment to say your opinion.

Thank you!

Bible For Minecrafters

You can have a look at the book here.

This book is really good. One of the good things about it is that you can dip in and out and just read one story at a time. It’s also good because the way the author has used minecraft ideas to illustrate the bible – this would really appeal to someone who likes to use minecraft creatively. There are some really creative ideas, such as:

  • To make Goliath a giant, he is nearer the front of the screen
  • The plague of gnats was created using fire particles (black dots)
  • A beacon was used to represent the ascension, with Jesus rising up into the sky

One of the best aspects of the book is that it’s like a comic or graphic novel – most of the content is pictures, so it’s good for people who would find an actual bible difficult. I really enjoyed reading it, and I learned some bible stories that I didn’t know before. There are captions, and also speech bubbles, to help tell the story, but the pictures are the main thing.

I got this for my 9th birthday, and it was just right, as I’m really into minecraft (mostly pocket edition). It would make a good present to get for your godchild if they are into minecraft, or for a first communion present, or even a confirmation present.

I would totally recommend it.


Lunar Eclipse!

I got up really early today to look at the moon. There is a special kind of lunar eclipse that makes the moon look red (because the sunlight has to go through earth’s Umbra before it reaches the moon).

Click here to find out more from the NASA website.
Here are some cool pictures: