Best cakes ever

My last birthday cake was pretty cool – it spells my name in morse code using maltesers and chocolate fingers.

2013-11-30 17.37.04

When I was six my cake was a chocolate cake with the middle bit cut out and white icing in the shape of a dinosaur skeleton, then with the cake crumbs put back on top of it. We dug up the bones with spoons!  We can’t find the photo of that one, though.

I found this site that shows you how to make a cake that looks like Jupiter – even when you cut into it!

When is a chickpea not a chickpea?

It turns out that I like Lebanese food.
Even though I didn’t even know the word ‘Lebanese’.
It was cheese-bread and hummus, and I don’t like chick peas on their own but I do like them when they’re hummus.