Here are some pictures and paintings that I am proud of or that are just interesting.

Here are two pencil drawings I did when I was 8. I am really proud of them, and then I sold them to someone at church.

lancaster drawingtrain drawing

I did this painting of Saturn using Acrylic paint on a canvas. It was really hard to get the blending of the colours right.


Here is a picture of some crayons – and the names of the colours are all scientific!

science crayon colours

Here is a model that Mummy and I made of the Titanic. We used holes from a hole punch as the port holes.


Here is a museum I made out of wooden building block – we used all the building blocks except for 8 of them. It has a visitor centre (that my dad made) and a cafe (that my mum made) and there is a TV and a data projector and a telephone box on display that are the first ever ones made. That’s why they’re in the museum.


Here is a picture of people running away from a volcano:


Here is a photo of the GPS (Guided Planetary Sensor) that I made for school. It is a remote controlled exploring vehicle for planets that aren’t safe for people. It has caterpillar tracks and a telescopic grabber arm and a satellite dish and a camera and little compartments to put rock samples in.

2012-10-28 15.15.14  DSC_0414

And this is my Christmas stained glass window design:


My first ever homework was about Antarctica.  The book had a picture of a baby King Penguin like this one, and it made me want to hug it:

King penguin chick

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