Question of the day: disability on TV

Here is my question of the day.

CBBC and CITV are pretty good at having presenters who have disabilities (and not just for programmes that are actually about disability or specifically for disabled people).  This is great.

I also saw lots of disabled presenters on TV when the paralympics was on.

But here’s the thing: why aren’t there more disabled TV presenters on regular TV?  Why aren’t there lots of newsreaders or weather forecasters with disabilities? Why don’t we see more people with disabilities presenting documentaries (about things other than disability!).

So, that’s my question of the day. Please leave your answers in a comment. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Question of the day: disability on TV

  1. Good questions

    There is a security correspondent on the BBC who was blown up and walks now with a walker or appears in a wheelchair. His same is Frank Gardner and he talks about weapons and how ISIS is likely to blow up people.

    One of the overseas correspondents, currently working in Washington at the moment I think, is Gary O’Donaghue who is, as far as I know, totally blind.

    On the radio there is a presenter called Nick Robinson who had cancer of the lungs and was not able to talk very well for months after his treatment. There is a man who does a disabilities programme too but also takes a turn to do You and Yours at lunchtime which is a mainstream programme. He is called Peter White.

    I agree about weather forecasters though. Also there are not many older, and not glamourous, women but plenty of mature men on main news channels too. I can only think of men who have handicaps too which but no women is interesting I think. There is a woman who is a comedian who takes a turn in one the programmes on radio 4. She has cerebral palsy and some difficulty with speaking so I think that is a brave decision for radio – she is pretty funny, but I cannot remember what she is called.

  2. Brilliant question, Daniel, and one which we don’t often ask. Your grandma has given a really good answer.
    The Last Leg on channel 4 has two presenters who are disabled but because they don’t make a big thing of their disabilities I forget.
    I think your generation will make my generation think hard but your generation will be more successful in changing things.

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