Why do we go to school?

So we can learn things.

Why do we need to learn things?

So we can go to work and keep the economy going.

Why do we need to do that?

So we can get money to live.

Why do we need to live?

So we can make progress and evolve into something better.

Why do we need to evolve into something better?

Because God wanted us to keep the world going.

Why did the world need us in the first place?

It didn’t.

So why did we exist?

We evolved.

But why did we evolve? What was the point of humans evolving?

There is no point.

So what do we do now?……………

You can leave your ideas in a comment below!

8 thoughts on “WHY????

  1. Keep calm and enjoy what we’ve got!
    People have been asking these questions aver since there were people, but there is no way we can arrive at a valid scientific answer. What I do believe is that what one believes can make a huge difference to what your life is like. Being pessimistic limits what you can do and achieve and at the worst leads to despair. Being optimistic with a dash of realism can lead to enjoyment of the world and to achievements that you may never have thought possible. This is perhaps why Christianity says that Hope is one of the three most important qualities. Although we can’t answer your question definitively we do know that what we believe and do changes things for better or worse. Interesting to think about the other two qualities – Faith and Love.

    1. I didn’t really mean things being pointless as a negative thing – sometimes a thing can be pointless but good to do it anyway. A lot of good things don’t really have a point.

  2. Hello! How are you? How are things going in England? I miss seeing your smiling face everyday. I hope that you are doing well. I am glad to see that you are back to writing on your blog. Keep up the great work. This is an interesting piece. I think the point is to find your purpose in life and then to do it well and with a happy heart.

    1. how’s it going in America what’s the weather like there, it’s been raining here. What was your email address i’ve forgotten it.

  3. Daniel, what a wonderful blog! Your inquisitive nature is so refreshing to have in the class.

    I think the reason humans evolve is to learn and grow, and through that process we will be fulfilled with comfort and satisfaction knowing something we didn’t know before. The feeling of achievement is such a powerful emotion and it’s important we share our achievements with those that we’re close with!

    I’ll definitely check back for some more wisdom from Daniel!

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