Mystery Story Game – Chapter Four

Camrich PLC’s headquarters could not be more different from the Greenfield Laboratories. It was a huge towering building made from shiny metal and glass. Very respectable on the outside, but Agent One knew better.

He could have used his security pass to get in through the front door, but he didn’t want to tip them off. So he picked the lock on a delivery entrance round the back, and made his way up a concrete stairwell, consulting the building plans on his phone as he climbed.

The Chief Executive’s offices were right on the top floor, and Agent One knew that a plot like this had to go all the way to the highest level of the company. If anyone here had ordered the theft of the smart bullet, it had to be the Chief Executive himself, Donald McLeish, or one of his closest colleagues.

Agent One finally reached the top floor and took a moment to catch his breath before he pushed the service door open and slipped into the corridor beyond.

There was a series of windows along the corridor, through which Agent One could see through into the main office space. It was a beautifully furnished, spacious room, with just one desk at the far end. Sitting at the desk was a young woman with long dark hair in a bun.  Agent One took out his pocket binoculars and with them, he could just make out the name plate on her desk:


She must be his daughter, thought Agent One.

Then, for some reason, just as he was lowering the binoculars, he happened to glance at her shoes. Boots, in fact. Very familiar boots. Quickly, Agent One checked that his memory was correct – yes, there on his phone, was the datatbase entry for the boot print he has seen at the laboratory, the small boot print with the very distinctive pattern.

Could this really be the thief? This smartly dressed, professional woman at the desk?

Agent One had to act now, because he could hear, as he pressed his ear to the door, that Cassandra had just started listening to the building security guards reporting the break in at the back delivery entrance – Agent One should have been more careful – they knew he was here, so he only had moments to act before he would be caught, and the real criminals would escape!

…to be continued in Chapter Five

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