Mystery Story – Epilogue

…one year later….

Agent One and Agent C ran as fast as they could along the almost deserted road. They could still hear the heavy footsteps behind them, and the click of a weapon being cocked.  It was now or never – it was time to test the smart bullet.

Agent One and Agent C both fired simultaneously, over their shoulders without a backward glance – at the very same moment, their pursuer also fired, and the two agents threw themselves to the ground, rolling to be able to see what had happened.

It was spectacular!  In the space between them and the gunman, at around head-height, was a silvery cloud of fine powder – and a strange sizzling noise along with it.   All three people looked at it in wonder – the gunman looked afraid, but the two agents had smiles on their faces – and turned to high-five each other.

“It worked! First time!” yelled Agent C.  It had been her work over the past year that had brought the smart bullet into existence, working on the prototype that she had stolen a year before.

It truly was spectacular – a smart bullet that would instantly seek out any normal bullet that was fired, and disintegrate it using a powerful electromagnetic pulse.

This was something that would save a lot of lives – it had already saved two on this, its test run.

The gunman turned and ran. Agents One and C returned HQ, ready to fight another day.

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