Mystery Story – Chapter Two

The main laboratory was a complete mess.  The card access console was smashed into a million pieces, and a government-employed medic was tending to the unconscious security guards who had been on duty when the incident happened. It seemed that none of the scientists had been present – that was probably a good thing, or they’d be dealing with a kidnapping as well as the theft of the prototype bullet.

Agent One scanned the laboratory. At the back was a door leading to another room, and in that room, Agent One knew, was high security vault – but the door had been blown completely off its hinges. Agent One knew then that the thieves were no ordinary criminals – it took real skill to blow off the vault door without risking damaging the contents.

In any case, the vault was empty: the prototype smart bullet and its shell casing, together with the blueprints, had all been stored in there. Agent One wondered whose bright idea it had been to keep them all in the same vault. But it was too late to wonder, now, of course.

It took Agent One most of the morning to gather the forensic evidence he would need to try and find the thieves. They thieves had smashed the CCTV cameras and had obviously been wearing gloves, so there wasn’t much evidence to find. Except, there was a clear boot print in the dusty fragments from the exploding vault door.  Agent One took a picture on his phone and searched the forensic database for a match – he got lucky. The boot’s pattern was an unusual one, and the size was much smaller than he would have expected – it looked like the footprint of a woman with small feet, or even a child – perhaps a teenager.

But why would a teenager steal top secret research? That’s what Agent One had to find out. He would have to use other methods to find a suspect, and then try and match the shoe print.

…to be continued in Chapter Three

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