Mystery Story – Chapter One

Greenfield Laboratories was located just outside London, in a run down, high-crime area.  It wasn’t much to look at from the outside – in fact, the building was a tiny bunker on the outside, but those with security clearance to get inside would discover a huge underground facility: a system of corridors and labs that had once been the home of the British Government’s top inventors and scientists.

Now there were only a few scientists and a small security team left, and just one project still running: until last night, when the prototype smart bullet being developed had been stolen, along with the blueprints of its design and manufacture, and its shell casing.

It was bad enough that the thieves had stolen the weapon itself, but with the plans as well they would be able to make more of the bullets, or sell the whole lot to the highest bidder – perhaps even terrorists!  It was Agent One’s job to stop this happening.

Agent One turned off the M25 and five minutes later he was pulling into the Car Park at Greenfield Laboratories. There was Police tape across the doors and windows of the bunker, and several officers standing guard. Agent One showed them his security pass, and ducked under the tape to start his search for evidence. The Police outside would never be allowed in to see the bunker’s true nature.

…to be continued in Chapter Two

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