The Mystery Story Game

This is a fun thing to do during the school holidays, or any time really.

Have you ever used story cubes?  They’re dice with random pictures on them, and you roll them and then make up a story that uses the pictures.

Well, the Mystery Story Game is like that, but better, and more challenging, because you have to get your story ideas from things you find when you’re out for a walk instead of just from some dice.  People drop random stuff all the time, and some of those things look really mysterious, like they want to be part of a story.  As long as you’re careful not to pick up really sharp or dirty things, you can find all sorts.  So using objects you find to make your story means you have infinite possibilities for what your story can be about.  And you clear up some litter at the same time.  You can use gloves if you like, especially the ones that make you look like a forensic scientist.

I keep my mystery story objects in a special case that has a lock. This keeps them safe and keeps them feeling important.

Mystery story game picture

So far I have found:

  • A thing that I thought might be a Spark Plug but now I’m not so sure – this is going to be a shell casing for an experimental prototype ‘smart bullet’
  • A small circuit board, probably from a cell phone – this is going to be the chip containing the secret plans for the experimental smart bullet
  • A burned piece of paper with some financial information on it – this is the ‘money trail’ tracing how the person who stole the chip and the prototype was paid.

So this is obviously going to be a spy story. But if you’re not into spy things, you can pick up natural objects like leaves and twigs and make up a story about that.

My story will also have some code breaking involved too – so once you have your objects you can also introduce other things into your story. I am going to use these codes/ciphers:

  • Book code
  • Transposition code
  • Substitution code
  • The code where you roll the paper round the stick.

If you like the sound of codes and ciphers for your story, you can find out more about them here.

If you decide to do this mystery story game, when you have finished your story, why not type it up and leave it here as a comment so that other people can enjoy it.