Why does this happen?

I got an energy cosmic ball as a present (it’s got two electrodes on it so that when you touch them both it completes the circuit and makes it light up and make an alarm noise). I also have a plasma ball.  When I put them next to each other the energy ball made strange noises – and the noise changed when I moved it around (one note for one of the electrodes, and a different note for the other one, and when I made them touch it made an angry noise).  BUT WHY?  I know that if you hold a light bulb near a plasma ball it lights up, but why did it make the energy ball make strange noises not just its normal noise?


Element hunting!

I have a new project: I want to collect all of the elements, but starting with the ones that are not dangerous, and that I can buy for not very much money or that I can find in the ground or in ordinary things that nobody wants.

If you know what any of the elements are and where I can find them, please can you tell me by writing a comment?

I got the idea from Itch, which is a book by Simon Mayo. You can buy it here, it’s really good and very exciting as well as being about science.

You can see how far I have got here.