I am on air!

On Sunday morning I’m going to be on Radio Cambridgeshire with my mummy  and my sister.  We’re doing the Sunday reflections for the whole of June so there will be a new one every week!  They are all based on the Wisdom of Daniel, and the first one is called ‘Did God actually save the Queen’.  You can hear it here or you can listen on Sunday.

It was really cool being in the studio to do the recording.  There was one really big microphone – it was huge, and had a little cage round it.  We used smaller microphones that were different colours. I had the green one, Joanna’s was blue, and Mummy’s was red.

In the entrance hall to the studio there was a giant Pudsey Bear.

A picture of God

When I die and go to heaven I want to take some paper and crayons with me so I can draw a picture of God and then throw it back for people to look at when they’re alive.